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PlantMed invites individuals interested in holistic wellness and natural healthcare solutions to explore our services.

We have listed as much information here, however if we do not answer your questions, or you are having trouble gathering referring documentation, please call us at the office and one of our team will be sure to assist.

Not from Brisbane or QLD?
That’s ok, PlantMed works with patients Australia wide via telehealth consultation. We have telehealth appointments available at our satellite clinics, or via telehealth zoom, or phone consultations.

Becoming a Patient at


Your First 3 Months At PlantMed


Gather your Referral

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Visit your GP or Self-Refer to PlantMed.


Book an Appointment

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Call to book your initial appointment with one of our PlantMed doctors.


First Appointment

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We’ll gather your full patient history and use it to complete your application to the TGA.
In Clinic or Teleheath


Application Approved!

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The PlantMed team will call to organise a second appointment with you once the TGA approves your applications.


Second appointment (titration)

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Receive your script and commence your treatment with the prescribed medication/s.
In Clinic or Teleheath


Top up your script

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After 5 weeks, we’ll call you to re-script your medication and monitor the progress of your treatment. Via Telehealth



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We track our patients’ clinical outcomes and send a letter to your referring doctor. If the doctor is satisfied, we transfer you to nurse care scripting.
Via Teleheath

Book as Required


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After your 3 month consult tracking, you can book in for an appointment at PlantMed to top up your scripts as needed

Consult at


For Patients transitioning from another clinic


Call the team and book your onboarding consult

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Proof of previous treatment is required.
The script, Approval, Previous Clinic Invoice Etc.


Nurse onboarding consult

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30 minute call to discuss your previous treatment


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Doctor review of your onboarding consult and submission of your approvals


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Doctor Titration appointment 30 mins


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Free Courtesy Call booked


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5 week script repeat booked to ensure that you are progressing and happy with treatment

Please call to book an appointment with one of our doctors or book via our website. In order to secure your time with the doctor a $55 booking deposit is required, this amount is deducted off your initial consult with your doctor. Payment of your consult is required at the end of your consult with your doctor via either Eftpos or credit card. Payment via direct deposit must be arranged prior to your consultation.


Many patients would like DVA to pay for their treatment or medication. This requires an application to DVA to gain approval for funding. PlantMed will supply supporting documentation in regards to this application but will not launch the application on behalf of a patient. DVA applications require a specialist involved in the long term treatment of your condition.

As a referral based shared care clinic PlantMed will supply and assist your treating specialists launching your application with the following:

  • Medication approvals from both state and federal health
  • Several high quality studies to support your application
  • Supporting letter outlining requested information including the dosage, type and frequency of medication

Patients can self-refer to the clinic or you can present with a referral. Referrals are preferred in order to keep your treatment team up to date but not necessary for you to start treatment here at PlantMed.  We offer in person or telehealth consults Australia wide via Zoom.

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