Satellite Clinics

PlantMed is proud to partner with Medical Cannabis supportive pharmacies to bring you our Telehealth Satellite clinic locations.

These locations allow patients to come into a local and easy to access pharmacy where they can privately consult via telehealth their Plantmed Doctor.

A full list of our satellite clinics below:

PlantMed Satelite Clinic

Locate the Best Satellite Clinics in Brisbane and Get an Effective Treatment

Are you finding it difficult to precisely locate Medicinal Cannabis Clinics? Are you searching for a medicinal cannabis clinic that offers the best service with experienced specialists. PlantMed is the home of medical experts who want to get your dosage and prescription right.

What is PlantMed?

PlantMed is a Medicinal Cannabis clinic owned and operated by Australian-trained doctors specializing in Cannabinoid Medicine and integrated health practices. Our doctors work in conjunction with each patient’s team of doctors and health professionals to incorporate Medicinal Cannabis as an adjunct treatment to alleviate symptoms and improve patient treatment outcomes.

What Type of Treatment Can be Obtained?

PlantMed provides a range of treatment options best suited to each patient’s condition and desired treatment outcome. PlantMed helps its patients and their referring doctors navigate the Australian Government regulatory pathways for prescribing Medicinal Cannabis throughout all states and territories within Australia.
PlantMed has forged strong relationships with Medical Cannabis pharmacies, to bring you satellite clinics across Brisbane Qld and other locations.

Perks of a Telehealth Satellite Clinic

Our locations allow patients to come into a local and easy access pharmacy where they can privately consult via satellite clinic in Brisbane.

We conduct consultations at the clinic & via TeleHealth at Wilston, Queensland. Consider booking your appointment today to talk to one of our medical cannabis doctors.

PlantMed Satellite Clinic Locations

TerryWhite - Keperra


HealthSave - Norman Park

Jadin Pharmacy - Morayfield

Jadin Chemist Group