Meet The PlantMed Team

Dr John Teh - Medical Director at PlantMed

Dr John Teh MBBS

University of Queensland 1999 - Medical Director, Cannabinoid Clinician and Clinical Educator

Dr John Teh Medical Director and Educator of Plantmed Medical Cannabis Clinic has been working within the Medicinal Cannabis industry since the legalisation of cannabis for medicinal use in Australia in February, 2016.

As an avid organic farmer and permaculture expert, treatment with natural whole plant products in conjunction with conventional medical treatment has always been a top personal priority for Dr Teh.

Dr Teh worked in the surgical industry for 15 years before moving into Medicinal Cannabis specialty full-time. Dr Teh has a passion for Cannabis education and lectures in the areas of medical cannabis to both medico’s and patients.

Dr Teh has vast experience treating a variety of patients with Medical Cannabis and has a particular interest of cannabis medicine within the paediatric population.

Leaders in Medical Cannabis Education

Dr Teh has prescribed medical cannabis for over a 1000 Australian patients. He is a sought after speaker in Australia and overseas. 

Dr John Teh at a Medical Cannabis Conference in Thailand

Dr Teh with Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand after presenting at the conference “Medical use of Cannabis: Experience of Australia, Canada and the Netherlands” in Bangkok, 2018.

Dr Teh’s affiliations are listed below:

  • Medical Educator – RACGP
  • Lecturer: Medical practitioners and patient education
  • Cannabis Clinician – TGA Approved Provider (Australia): Active clinical treatment since medical legalisation in Australia (24th February 2016)
  • PlantMed- Medical Director
  • CannaTech – Scientific and Medical Advisory
  • Medifarm Australia – Medical Advisory
  • Society Cannabis Clinicians (USA) – Member
  • Medical Cannabis Council (Aus) – Member
  • Amma Preventative Health – Director
  • TGA Authorised Prescriber for Medicinal Cannabis
Dr Nas Rafieian PlantMed

Dr Nas Rafieian

Dr Rafieian studied medicine in Iran and worked in rural family medicine, sport medicine and social services before migrating to Australia and obtaining her fellowship in general practice.

She has a strong focus on patient treatment outcomes and enjoys the varied medical cases that she treats within Plantmed. Dr Rafieian is a passionate doctor with particular interest in Women’s health, Neurological Disorders, Mental Health and Cannabinoid Medicine in the Paediatric population.

She consults both via Telehealth and in person at our Brisbane office. Please call 07 3193 9280 to book an appointment.

Dr Joel Wren

Dr Wren is an Adelaide-based GP Registrar who trained at the University of Queensland. He has an avid interest in cannabinoid medicine and enjoys the varied patient cases he see’s working within Cannabis Medicine.

Dr Wren consults patients at the Westpac House, King William Street in Adelaide and Australia-wide via telemedicine. Dr Wren’s areas of clinical interest include chronic pain and palliative care.

Please contact Plantmed to book and in person or telehealth consult Australia wide 07 3193 9280.

Joel Wren
Dr Nathan Quigley

Dr Nathan Quigley

Dr Quigley is currently training within ENT surgery whilst completing his Master of Philosophy with QLD University.

Dr Quigley interest in Cannabis medicine has been long standing and finds time out of his busy schedule to consult patients within Cannabis Medicine both via telehealth and in clinic consultations.

Dr Quigley has a strong interest in clinical research. Please contact Plantmed to book an in person or telehealth consult Australia wide 07 3193 9280.

Dr Sheetal Bull

Dr Bull is a GP with advanced psychiatry training, who completed his study at the University of Wales – UK. 

Dr Bull consults within cannabis medicine and has particular clinical interests in the areas of cannabinoid medicine and mental health.  He is an experienced researcher and has been involved in cannabis medicine research trials.

Dr Bull consults via both telehealth and in person consults from our Brisbane head office.  Please contact Plantmed to book an in person or telehealth consult Australia wide 07 3193 9280.

Dr Sheetal Bull
Dr Bower Daniel

Dr Daniel Bower

Dr Dan Bower completed dual degrees in Law and Justice in 2007 in Brisbane and then completed further postgraduate legal training prior to gaining admission as a Lawyer in the Supreme Court of Queensland.
After a period of working in China, Dan returned to Australia in 2010 and obtained a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from Bond University on the Gold Coast.

Dr Bower then completed 3 years of Surgical rotations at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, and then spent an additional 2 years on the Sunshine Coast as a General Practitioner to develop a holistic patient-centred approach to healthcare.

Dr Dan has relocated to Brisbane to devote a special interest as a cannabinoid clinician with Dr Teh whilst completing his specialist fellowship registration with the RACGP.

Chloe Jean Sweetman

Senior Practice Manager and Patient Care Coordinator

Chloe supports the PlantMed team and is passionate about providing a high-quality service and experience for all PlantMed patients. She has a strong background in medical, surgical and veterinary service development and operations management.

Chloe enjoys creating an environment and systems that ensures a positive experience for patients, carers, referring doctors and PlantMed team.

Her background in media, television and event management have prepared her well for helping organise PlantMed’s educational events and promotion of PlantMed’s endeavours in the community.

Chloe is interested in integrated health practices using plant medicine, health nutrition, and animal and climate well-being.

Chloe - PlantMed

Leanne Neish

Practice Manager

Leanne joined the team from a background of large scale project and staff management.
Leanne works closely all our PlantMed doctors to ensure a smooth running of scheduling and day to day management our doctors patient loads.

Leanne sees and hears daily the positive outcomes of medical cannabis on patients and finds her role within Plantmed very rewarding, you will speak with Leanne when booking your appointment to see your Doctor.

Rachael Bellbin

Plantmed Receptionist

Coming from a background of office management and warehousing, interest was sparked within medical cannabis when Rachael saw first-hand the effects of medical cannabis for
patients who were not responding to conventional treatment. Rachael will greet you when you arrive to clinic and will make you feel right at home and assist with any questions you may have.

Will Dineen

Vaporiser Instructor / Admin and Dispatch

Will joined the team from a customer service and events management background. Working closely across all areas of Plantmed admin and Dispatch, Will brings a vibrant dynamic to the team. Will has been trained in Vaporisation Techniques and runs our Vaporisation individual and group classes for our patients who require instruction.