PlantMed Medical Cannabis Clinic Opens in Brisbane

PlantMed - Medical Cannabis Clinic Opens in Brisbane, Australia

PlantMed opened its doors on 7th February 2019 to provide quality medical services to Australian patients seeking access to medicinal cannabis.

Medical Director Dr John Teh said his first month of consulting was fully booked out and enquires from patients and doctors were flowing in.

PlantMed provides face-to-face clinical services at Eagle Farm, and telemedicine consultations Australia-wide. Patients see Dr Teh via Skype from as far away as Western Australia. Dr John Teh has been interested in cannabis medicine for the past 10 years and has noticed that many patients experience profound relief of their symptoms even when all other treatments have failed or worked partially.

Practice Manger Chloe Jean said patients are welcome to call or email PlantMed to see if they are likely to be eligible and then a thorough initial consultation can be organised.


Dr John Teh, PlantMed Medical Director
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