For Patients

PlantMed welcomes all patients seeking access to medicinal cannabis to our clinic. 

Our patient consultation process involves:

  1. Book an appointment to see one or our PlantMed Doctors and complete our medical questionnaire
  2. Patient Initial consult, detailed and thorough full health history taken by the PlantMed doctors, and Governmental SAS B Application forms completed (1-1.5hrs)
  3. Approval of SAS B Application (approximately 7 day turn around, longer for more complex applications)
  4. Follow-up Consultation: Patient medication dosing adjustment (titration) and review of treatment plan (45min-1hr)
  5. Medication dispensed to you by your nominated pharmacy
  6. Commencement of medication
  7. Your PlantMed Doctor will notify your treating specialist/s of your approval, approved medications and dosing rates
  8. Monthly prescription repeats via phone or Skype consultation with your PlantMed doctor (15 mins) including tracking patient progress and dosing