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Introduction to PlantMed's Nicotine Services

More Than Just Quitting Smoking. It's About Embracing a Healthier You.

At PlantMed, we understand quitting smoking is more than just kicking a habit. It's about reclaiming your health, reclaiming finances and most of all enjoying life to the fullest. That's why we offer a holistic approach to nicotine cessation, combining traditional medical expertise with the power of natural wellness strategies.

How PlantMed Can Help You Quit Smoking

Book an Appointment:

Schedule your consultation easily online or by phone.

Consultation with Specialists:

Discuss your goals and challenges with our Australian-trained Nurse specialising in personalised natural wellness strategies.

Personalized Treatment Plan:

Receive a tailored quitting strategy that combines that work with you goals of health.

Ongoing Support:

Benefit from continuous care through follow-ups and complimentary calls to monitor your progress and celebrate your victories.

Why Choose PlantMed?

Holistic Approach

We believe in treating the whole person, not just the symptom.

Expert Medical Team

Our team of qualified healthcare professionals is passionate about helping you achieve long-term success.


We offer phone telehealth consultations for your convenience and cost effective efficient shipping of your products.

Success Stories:

Hear from real people who have transformed their lives with PlantMed's support.

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Real People, Real Results.

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PlantMed offers two main nicotine treatment options: a Nicotine Weaning Tear Down Cessation Process and a Standard nicotine Prescription Process. Both programs are designed to support individuals in their journey to health and quit smoking by addressing their unique needs and preferences.

To begin, book an initial consultation with one of our healthcare professionals for a phone consultation. During this consultation, we will assess your needs and recommend the best treatment plan for you and commence scritping of products next suited to your treatment goals.

This process is designed for individuals looking for a gradual approach to quitting smoking. It involves a structured plan that slowly reduces the strength of nicotine dosage within the vaporisation products, over time we gradually reduce the strength of nicotine tiering down to our goal of cessation. Reducing intake over time to ease with withdrawal and make quitting much more achievable.

The Standard Process provides immediate support with nicotine replacement therapies to help mitigate withdrawal symptoms and reduce smoking urges. Helpful hints and tips including breathing and mindfulness techniques are also supplied to assist with changing the habitual processes around smoking.  This option is suited for individuals who wish to quit smoking with direct pharmacological assistance and a dedicated to team to celebrate your wins.

PlantMed can ship your products direct to your door Australia wide.  We understand the cost is a motivation and offered cost effective nicotine treatment options that are effective.

The duration of the nicotine treatment can vary depending on the individual’s specific needs, the treatment plan selected, and their progress throughout the program. With Nictine tier down cessation slow and steady is the goal, we tier down every 3 months at your scheduled nicotine script repeat.

Yes, PlantMed provides telehealth services for nicotine treatment, allowing you to receive support from our healthcare professionals without needing to travel to our clinic. This is ideal for maintaining consistent support regardless of your location.

Throughout your treatment, you’ll receive ongoing support from our medical team, including follow-up consultations, counselling, and adjustment of your treatment plan as needed. Our aim is to provide you with comprehensive care and support every step of the way.

Dealing with withdrawal symptoms is a normal part of quitting smoking. Our medical team will provide you with strategies to manage these symptoms effectively, including medication if necessary, to help you stay comfortable and committed to quitting.


You can book follow-up appointments by calling our clinic directly or scheduling online through our website. Regular follow-ups are important to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan.


Initial Consult: 

  • 20 minutes consult with Nurse
  • 3 Scripts Supplied
  • Hints and Tips for cessation supplied via email to patient

Follow Up/Scripting Consult:

  • 10 minutes phone call with with Nurse
  • 3 scripts supplied per consult
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