Working with you and your medical team to alleviate symptoms and improve patient treatment outcomes

Welcome to PlantMed.  We are a Medicinal Cannabis clinic owned and operated by Australian-trained doctors specialising in Cannabinoid Medicine and integrated health practices.  Our doctors work in conjunction each patient’s team of doctors and health professionals to incorporate Medicinal Cannabis as an adjunct treatment to alleviate symptoms and improve patient treatment outcomes.

PlantMed doctors are able to prescribe all Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved cannabis medicines, ensuring a range of treatment options best suited to each patient’s condition and desired treatment outcome. PlantMed helps our patients and their referring doctors navigate the Australian Government regulatory pathway for prescribing Medicinal Cannabis throughout all states and territories within Australia.

PlantMed welcomes patient referrals from all General Practitioners, and all other Medical Specialists who feel their patients may benefit from Medicinal Cannabis treatment. Patients may also self-refer to PlantMed without a referral from a General Practitioner or Medical Specialist. Our doctors conduct consultations at our clinic at Eagle Farm, Queensland or via Telehealth or Skype services.

About PlantMed. Meet Medical Director Dr John Teh and see inside our clinic in Brisbane, Australia

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7 thoughts on “Working with you and your medical team to alleviate symptoms and improve patient treatment outcomes

  1. I have Polycythaemia Rubra. there is no cure or treatment that deals with the significant symptom of intractable itch, exacerbated by water, sweat, humidity and heat. I have been on hydroxy urea for three years which has reduced the Hb significantly but no effect on the itch.
    I have resorted to buying THC. This has reduced it somewhat but by no means a silver bullet.
    I am 83 years of age and not into this for the fun of it. I would like to attend the meeting in Brisbane but I live in NSW. Port Macquarie. Is there any suggestions you may have to accommodate my needs.
    Many thanks
    Sue Jones

    1. Hi Sue, I am sorry to hear of the troubles you have been having. I know Camperdown is still a very long way from you but there is a talk on 13th March that may be of interest: Tickets are available here: The other option is to talk to our practice manager Chloe to see if Dr John Teh is likely to be able to prescribe you a formulation of THC/CBD that can help. It may be possible to talk to Dr Teh via a Skype consultation. Our number is 07 3193 9280. Kind Regards, Kirsten

  2. I have a referral from GP for doctor who can prescribe CBD oil, please ring me back on 0437005378

  3. My husband and I would really love to come and have a consultation – my husband has been with chronic pain for 30 years has a morphine pump and two nerve stimulator fitted and still suffers 9out 10 pain, he has had 5 major back op with little success. I suffer from severe degenatuve osteo arthritis and have been on margin, jurists, Endone, burden and had several operations, my pain is disabling, find I can’t sleep in bed ,sleep in decking chair. WE ATE INVALID PENSIONERS MY QUEDTION IS – HOW MUCH DOEX IT COST FOR A CONSULATION. .BECAUSE OF PAIN WE ARE IN DESPERATE POSITIONS – IS CANNIBUS ONLY FOR RICH PEOPLE. Thanks Kathy Charlex

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